This may be a bit unconventional as I am not even a customer (yet). However, I wanted to write and just let you know how impressed I was with our first visit. New Construction is a new concept for us to even be one of our options and we had no idea where to even start. I fell in love with a house (that didn’t quite meet our needs) and asked our Realtor to find out who the builder was. We asked if it was customary for builders to even entertain the idea of meeting with clients that may or may not proceed down that path and that’s when she jumped in and set up our initial in-person meeting. WOW. First – I am a people person and find more value in people than I do in things or facts. Second – as much of a people person I am, people can often make me feel uncomfortable – especially in a situation I am untrained and unfamiliar. Meeting Dan and Scott was an enjoyable experience from the second we walked into the model home. They were welcoming, informative, friendly and just good guys! They made us feel at ease – answered our questions, no matter how complex or just silly – and shared personal stories and examples for us to relate. They worked as a team and played on their individual strengths to ensure the best answer was given, regardless of who gave it. Most importantly, both Dan and Scott came across as GENUINE, SINCERE, and above all else, seemed complete with INTEGRITY. There is nothing that makes me feel stronger to work with someone than these characteristics. We have a bunch of moving parts regarding price points, space and lot size – mixed with resell options and locations…but I must say, just meeting Dan and Scott makes me want to choose New Construction ‘yesterday’. I hope we decide this is what is best for our family – just so we can get the opportunity to work with such an amazing team. Thank you for being a part of our decision making process.

-Kim Cornelisse

If you are searching for a quality builder, Clay Street is your dream team! Where to begin – we first found Clay Street online when we were relocating across the country and searching for a new home in Virginia. In fact, when I reached out via email – they were one of the only builders that responded and actually answered the questions we asked directly instead of giving us the run around we got with other potential builders. Because we were making inquiries from across the country, we weren’t being taken seriously and when we asked for prices from other builders, we never got a straight answer. This was not the case when interacting with Clay Street – they were upfront, answered every question, and followed up with us multiple times which was a level of outreach we hadn’t experienced from any other potential builder. We were extremely impressed by their quality in the photos online and that quality came to life when our relator took us to a home they had built and we were so blown away by their attention to detail. When we found out they were building a home on spec that hit EVERY requirement on our list, we immediately asked to see it. When we toured it, it didn’t even have drywall up yet but Dan walked us through and made the house come to life with customizable options and ideas. He listened to us describe our wants and lifestyle and immediately made suggestions that were just so “us” even so far as to recommend we put a built in dog house under the stairs to make the house our own. He listened to every request and I remember leaving there and telling our relator – I think we have a winner. No other house could compare to this one and the plans they had for it. We contracted the house mid-build which allowed us to customize the rest. Because we were across the country, we had to completely trust our builders to execute on what we wanted and I can’t even describe to you how they delivered. Each time I visited they made substantial and amazing progress, they didn’t forget a single detail, and they kept us informed along the way. Elliot was a pure joy to work with, he Facetimed us to walk through the house and show us updates and responded to every request quickly. Upon moving in, Frank and Derrick both followed up with us frequently even after we closed on the home to make sure every detail was followed up on and to check and make sure everything was perfect. We had custom built a home before but we were just so impressed with the level of their customer attention and service. It’s very clear Clay Street values quality, craftsmanship, and design in everything that they do. They were so flexible to our schedule and needs as well – walking us through every detail of “how to use the things in our home” before we moved in. We entrusted them even to make the bulk of the design decisions for us because we knew we could trust their expertise and eye fully and as a result, I’m getting a lot of credit for house design I don’t deserve. The entire kitchen, bathroom, and living room designs were all the creativity of the Clay Street Team and they hit my tastes so well, I made almost no changes to their suggestions for the house. Elliot even picked out my lights for me and I was so happy with his suggestions! A grand wizard designed and executed my closet – it’s every girls dream and my husband and I couldn’t be happier with the design and layout of our home. They made our own custom dream and we can’t recommend them enough. Any future work we have done to the house (additions, small projects, etc) we will absolutely be calling our new friends at Clay Street. Thank you Dan, Frank, Derrick, and Elliot (and Elliot’s dog) we feel like we gained friends in this process and we look forward to seeing more of your beautiful homes in our neighborhood.

-Kate Edwards Key

A reputable builder with a solid track record of performance. It is all about the people, and you can rest assured, these guys are pros!

-Nathan Wiley

I highly recommend Clay Street Builders! Building a new home can be very stressful, but building with Clay Street didn’t feel that way. Elliot, Dan, Scott, and Frank are truly wonderful guys (both personally and professionally) and enjoyable to work with. From the very beginning, they really listened to what we told them we wanted in our home and they ensured that we got it. They strive to make everything right and the home owner happy. I felt well informed and valued throughout the entire process. Additionally whenever I had questions, I could text, call, or email them directly and they always responded in a very timely manner.

Everyone at Clay Street worked hard to get things done on time…which was important to us since we were renting and on a tight timeline. They even finished our home ahead of schedule! We are extremely happy with the finished product and would build with them again if the situation ever arose. You will not be disappointed when you choose Clay Street Builders. From start to finish, they make the process enjoyable! Once again, I highly recommend Clay Street!

-Dana Edwards

Working with Clay Street Builders was an amazing experience. Everyone on their team went the extra mile in making sure we understood the building process as well as assisting in the blueprint construction as well as our selections. They were with us every step of the way in building our Dream Home and we would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone who is in the market to build a new home!

-Adam Williamson

Clay Street Builders are absolute perfectionists in every way. Dan Kaufmann is one himself and demands perfection from all of his subs. He also has many innovative ideas. We couldn’t be more pleased and would certainly recommend Clay Street Builders to anyone who is looking for a great home builder.

-Joe and Linda Blackburn

Dan, Scott, Elliot and Antonio are the BEST!!! We built a house in Richmond from 3,000 miles away in CA and they were absolutely amazing to work with! Throughout the process they kept us up to speed on everything that was going on and answered all my crazy annoying questions at all hours of the day/night (including me asking for about 1M pictures daily). These guys are all around stand-up good guys, which is hard to find. They will ALWAYS do what is right and stand by everything they do 100%. High standards. High morals. High values. You will not be disappointed if you build with them. Highly recommend!!
Meg Bradley
Custom Home Built in The Landing at Swift Creek on the Swift Creek Reservoir.

We could not have been happier with our experience with Clay Street Builders, and with our new home!  Everyone at Clay Street was truly wonderful to work with – client-focused, detail-oriented, professional, extremely responsive, and happy to help us through our first time building a home.  Our home is absolutely customized to our specific priorities – Clay Street really listened when we told them what we wanted in a home, and went the extra mile to ensure that our home reflected that.  In fact, one of the things that really stood out to us when we were interviewing builders, was when we mentioned the dimensions of the (very large) screened porch in our previous house, and said that we wanted to match that in our new house.  The next time we met with Clay Street (prior to deciding on them as our builders or signing any contracts), they had drawn up house plans that included a screened porch that was actually larger than we had specified. That dedication to fulfilling our specific needs made them stand out among all the builders we interviewed, and continued throughout the build.  Building a custom home can be a really stressful process, with timelines, budgets, temporary housing, and many decisions to make, but none of our stress ever came from our interactions with Clay Street, and we would happily build with them again!

-Colin and Gretchen Speakman

I would like to express my genuine appreciation for the excellent job performed by Clay Street Builders on a recent new home construction project in Hanover County. As a realtor, I always hope to find a quality builder with excellent customer service for my clients. I was extremely pleased with the performance of Clay Street Builders and my client was very satisfied as well. They delivered the home ahead of schedule and completed the home to true perfection. Every concern or request was met with a positive and cooperative response. I have had many experiences with new home construction sales and have rarely encountered such a high degree of professionalism. Thank you Clay Street for such a successful deal!

-Susan Bowman

Clay Street built our custom home in 2016. Our home was custom down to the design drawings which they also helped us with selecting an architect as well. Dan did a great job with keeping us informed and on schedule when it came to selecting fixtures, cabinets, counter tops, etc… We were under a tight schedule with the completion of our new home as partway through the build we had a contract on our previous home with terms to close before our new home was set to be completed. My wife and I were preparing ourselves for the dreaded interim move with two small children until the house could be completed. Once Dan and Scott learned of our situation, Dan put it on an ultra high gear and pushed hard and we were able to move out of our previous home and right into our new home with less than 24 hours to spare of handing the keys off to our old home. Clay Street got us into the home almost a month ahead of schedule! Thanks again Dan and Scott!

-David and Shannon Barlow

Susan and I worked with Clay Street on a custom home that was completed in November 2016, and we wanted to share some thoughts on our experience. From the start, working with Scott and Dan had a very comfortable feel, which carried through to completion. They were very easy to work with, both personally and professionally, which really helped us in our first experience building a house.

We began in earnest in February of 2016, and to our surprise, were able to move very quickly from the agreement, through design with their architect, to completion 9 months later. They were very straight forward , and not afraid to express an opinion throughout the various stages, which we appreciated very much. We had a vision, and they helped us fulfill it, while keeping within our targeted budget.

Once construction started, I was amazed at how diligent they were at keeping things on schedule, while still being responsive to our questions and various amendments, which allowed us to exceed our expectations in the resulting layout as well as being very refreshing and fun. There was never a time that we didn’t feel valued and heard.

Our house was completed on the promised schedule, which was important as we were juggling our lives in temporary living, as we had already sold our previous home. The workmanship, minimum cost overruns, and the great working relationship has resulted in very satisfied customers. I doubt seriously that we will be leaving our home anytime soon, therefore won’t be building another house again anytime soon, but if we decide to add on or upgrade anything, we will most certainly contact Claystreet.

-John and Susan Jack

Dan Kaufman, Clay Street Builders was a recommendation to us and any opportunity we may have, he will be a recommendation by us. He proved to be all that we could have hoped for in a contractor and more. The total process was smooth from start to finish, all the more gratifying to be in our new sunroom.

-Larry and Audrey Kalbach

Clay Street Builders built us a very nice covered back porch and stone patio to replace our old wooden deck. After meeting and speaking with Dan Kaufmann, we could tell he was an experienced professional, would do the job properly without cutting corners, understood what we envisioned, and were competitively priced. Clay Street Builders uses very good sub-contractors, and Dan and Elliot Barnett did an excellent job of managing the entire project. If a sub-contractor missed a detail, Dan and Elliot made certain things were fixed, not only to code standards, but also to our satisfaction. Dan and Elliot were excellent at keeping us informed throughout the entire process and provided us with good advice. These gentlemen made the process as simple and straight forward as anyone could expect, while providing excellent customer service and a quality product. We recommend Clay Street Builders and will gladly use them on any future building or remodeling project.

-Lea and Tammy Scott

Clay Street Builders helped us renovate our master bathroom and did a phenomenal job! We could not be more pleased with the results. Daniel communicated with us every step of the way. He was very responsive to our questions and concerns. The project was completed in under the time estimated and it looks beautiful. We appreciated Daniel’s expertise and recommendations about various aspects of the project. It was obvious how committed he was to making sure we were happy with the finished product. Everyone who worked in our home was courteous and pleasant. We would HIGHLY recommend Daniel and his team for any renovation projects in the future and plan to use Clay Street Builders again.

-Katy and Mark Diefenderfer

From start to finish, Clay Street Builders was TRULY AMAZING to work with on our recent addition. From the planning to final delivery – they worked tremendously hard to ensure we were well informed and pleased during each stage of the project. The owner “Daniel” met us multiple times during the planning process to ensure we had a strong plan that would fit our needs and he was able to provide creative ideas/suggestions to maximize our return.

During construction, they were regularly onsite, always accessible and provided constant communication to ensure transparency along the way. We could not be more pleased with our beautiful finished product.

Their meticulous nature allows us to write such a glowing review. Without question, we have, and will continue to, recommend Clay Street Builders to our family and friends. Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience!

-Hunter and Alex Marshall

We live on a lake and one of our bedrooms had no view of the water. The room was also rather dark. Clay Street Builders opened up the back wall, raised the roof, added a double window and built a window seat. The room is now light and airy with the windows capturing the view from our cozy window seat.

Dan was very attentive and accessible. We received daily updates about what was happening, and who was coming. He was at the house most every day to greet the crew and/or to check on the progress. When we had any change in plans, he worked with us.

Clay Street Builders did a wonderful job. We all made a great team, and we thank everyone for their friendly, skilled and timely work.

-Skip and Cathy Todd

Clay Street Builders helped us renovate a kitchen in our new house that had barely been touched since 1957. We could not be more pleased with the results. Daniel worked hard to get the house ready in a short time frame, paid attention to all the little details, and was always accessible to answer any questions we had. We highly recommend Daniel and his team for any renovation project. His experience and knowledge of his trade are so valuable. Thank you!

-Beth Furgurson

The project was done in a very timely manner and we overcame obstacles that were unforeseen in the original planning period. The project came in on budget and we love it. Daniel is extremely detail oriented, very aware of all county codes and regulations and also very creative. I am extremely happy with the outcome of this project and cannot wait to come up with the next one Clay Street Builders and I will do together! I highly recommend their work for new construction as well as renovation work.

-Catherine Deboer

We highly recommend Dan Kaufmann for any construction project – large or small. Dan finished our basement. The quality of work was great and it was finished faster than anticipated. Dan provided a great service, scheduled his subcontractors efficiently, provided constant communication and was always available to answer questions, and ensure the work done by his subcontracts met our expectations. Working with Dan was a great experience.

-Jeff Geiger

We had a terrible experience with the refinishing of our basement. It was done so poorly that it was embarrassing. We hired Clay Street Builders to make it right. They took a negative situation and made it very positive. We now have a beautiful finished basement that we can be proud of, and the price was reasonable. Start out right the first time with Clay Street Builders!

-Gwen Costello

After the recent bad weather (earthquake and rain) it was reported that the Owners Clubhouse had a very bad leak in the roof. After call numerous roofing contractors, and told it would be weeks before they could come out and look at our problem, the Association called Dan Kaufmann. He responded quickly, had a roofer out the next day, fixed the minor problem with the roof. At the same time he had a drywall person start the work around the fireplace inside the clubhouse, this was completed quickly and Dan stayed in touch to insure that the work was satisfactory to the Association. Thank you Dan!

-Charlotte Bush

Our new addition looks like it has always been part of our home!! Dan’s communication throughout the entire process was EXCELLENT and he strives to make sure he gives you exactly what you want! He is very personable and extremely knowledgeable. His crews are friendly, professional & good craftsmen AND they always – always cleaned up after they left here EACH time!

Dan will always be top on our list for any other future projects, we highly recommend him!

-Ann Bradshaw